Guest will begin the night with a complimentary drink, DJ music, photo booth, and get a peek of You & Her’s lingerie.  The night will end with a creative fashion show and auction of exclusive items made just for this event. All funds raised will go towards You & Her’s mission to keep girls in school through underwear.

Lingerie for a Good Cause

you&her is a Vancouver based lingerie brand using its profits to empower young women in Africa. “Worldwide, statistics show that on average 155 girls in every village in Africa have dropped out of school because they cannot afford sanitary towels and underwear at the age of menstruation.”  you&her is on a mission to reduce these numbers by releasing a line of underwear to raise funds to help keep girls in school through sub-Saharan Africa.

you&her will use their profits to provide a holistic solution to her underwear need; including partnering with ecologic pad manufacturers, installing bathrooms (if needed), and creating a mentorship program. At a critical time in a young girls life, we want to bring community around her through the customers and support staff of you&her, to let her know it is a gift to be a woman. 

By making a purchase, “you” enable a you&her-funded sewing center to produce “her” underwear, and distribute in tandem with extra supplies these young girls need as they fight to stay in school past puberty.

Join you&her for the debut launch of their lingerie line. All ticket proceeds and any funds raised at you&her’s debut event go directly towards building a sewing center in Kitwe, Zmbia. Visit here to purchase your ticket.

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