Sometimes, you don’t have to go very far to find the perfect item. Things of beauty are made right here in Vancouver, every day.

Here’s a selection of items that have been made in the city by the sea and brought to Gastown to be worn with love, displayed with joy and lit with intention.

@espace d
Phantom Ring by Lydi of the Valley Jewellery
Made in East Vancouver


@nouvelle nouvelle
Beach Towel NN
Made In Vancouver


@Old Faithful Shop
OFS. Moon Lamp in Pink
Designed and fabricated in Vancouver


dutil Quintessential Belt Natural
Made in Vancouver


@One Of A Few
Muraco Wolfe Kidney Signet Ring
Made in Vancouver


@Lynn Steven
Vancouver Candle Company | Gastown
Made in Vancouver


James Coward – Pant 003 Melton Wool Black
Made in Vancouver

@Nicole Bridger
Intent Blazer
Made in East Vancouver

@Nettle’s Tale
Hand Dyed Indigo Scarf
Made in Vancouver
Mia Hansen – SHELTER ME Unisex T-shirt
Made in Vancouver