He also made his mark on John Fluevog shoes by influencing the design of the now iconic, Swordfish – Cooper. 

Sadly, you won’t ever be able to open for The Doors, party with Keith Moon or, you know, die more than once. But what you can have in common with Alice is the opportunity to design your own pair of custom John Fluevog shoes.

On Nov 21, Fluevog Gastown is giving customers the chance to hand-paint their very own pair of Fluevog Customs, with the help of one of their exclusive in-house designers.

The half-day workshop, beginning at noon, will have the Fluevog designer walk you through the entire customizing process from start to finish. Yeah, you’ll have to get your hands a little dirty, but let’s just remember that you’re trying to live up to the Alice Cooper legacy here.

$450 buys your totally unique soles packed in a locally crafted Fluevog Customs wooden box, as well as all of your workshop materials.

Models to be customized include The 104 Prince St, The 1224 Stark St, and The Cairo

Space, as you can imagine, is limited. So if you’re interested in boasting a pair of one-off John Fluevogs, or if you’re just that dang creative, or both, you’ll need to shoot an email over to [email protected] ASAP to confirm a reservation. 

Oh, and if all you really want to do is be more like Alice Cooper, don’t try to bite the head off a bat. Animal cruelty isn’t cool. Also, that was Ozzy Osbourne.