What is it that you love so much about what you do?

There is so much variety in my day. I get to teach and work on shows with the Canadian Creative Team for Aveda, in addition to styling. I am not just behind the chair all day.

What led you to become an educator at Aveda?

I am a firm believer that learning never ends and that’s what really drew me to education. I love the diversity it gives me on a daily basis and I enjoy people. Teaching really exposes me to different learning styles which helps me grow, both professionally and personally.

Tell us more about your role as an educator.

Being an educator is about being adaptable and willing. There are so many great opportunities and being humble is super important. I get to work with very talented people, share my knowledge by presenting demos, mentor students to create photo shoots, and assist Aveda Canada team on creative projects.

What do you find most rewarding about teaching?

Seeing people grow. I have students of all ages and I love it when they have their “ah ha” moments. My network is my students. When they finish the program and go on to do some truly amazing things – that is my biggest reward!

How would you describe your philosophy behind hair styling?

My training with Aveda has instilled a strong focus on attention to detail. Being consistent is so important. Personally, I love classic cuts – bobs, geometric shapes and bold lines.

Where do you get your inspiration & ideas?

Walking around the city. Seeing other people own their sense of style. Travelling and observing different cultures. My team really inspires me; they always have ideas and encouragement to share. I am inspired by people who are open minded and creating things.

Do you have a hairstyling-related pet peeve?

Too much ego. In this industry, it needs to be put aside. You never know what sort of impact you will have on someone or what opportunities may arise. Every action is an opportunity and every opportunity is a learning experience. I drop the ego at the door and listen with an open mind.

What can people expect from a visit to your salon?

In addition to the Aveda experience [hand and scalp massage while you sip on our signature ‘comforting tea’] you can expect, attention to detail and precision. I am pretty quiet. I like to chat but I am really relaxed. If you want to nap while I do your hair, that’s totally cool. Go with the flow. Conversation happens but I am not going to talk your ear off. I really care about each person that sits down in my chair. It is more about you and less about me.

What is the most important thing to remember when picking a new stylist?

Communication. When you meet someone there is an exchange of energy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll know if you have a good connection right away. The stylist should ask you questions to get to know your needs and wants. Be open to having your stylist ask questions. As for building a relationship, they should want to get to know their hair. It takes time to get to know your hair and how it works best.

Any favourite style icons?

If I had to pick someone that I admire creatively it would be Bill Cunningham, a New York based street photographer. He was the first street photographer. He’s iconic, and just amazing.

Last but not least, what do you love about being in Gastown?

It is small. Everyone supports each other. There are a lot of independent businesses and locals, and I love the sense of community.

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