It’s easy to cycle in style when you have the right footwear. There are quite a few shoes from Fluevog’s Spring 2014 collection that are stylish, comfortable, durability and cycling approved. We fell in love with Fluevog’s Purpose Ambition Pump and CBX men’s shoe showcased in their window display.

The CBX in John Fluevog’s window display

John Fluevog’s CBX is a great all-purpose shoe to wear for work, everyday gallivanting, and cycling. This men’s shoe is made with thick Portuguese Atlas leather and durable tunite sole, and a perforated last––perfect for biking in warm weather!



The Purpose Ambition pumps in John Fluevog’s window display

Turn heads with the colourful Purpose Ambition pump. These stunners are designed for the go-getter who dreams big. The Purpose Ambition pumps are made in Peru from Argentinian leather on a chunky, leather-wrapped heel. The 2.75-inch heels are just the right height for biking, strutting, and taking the world by storm.


Look sharp while cycling to work and vog out! For more stylish, bike-friendly footwear, visit John Fluevog at 65 Water Street. 

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