There was a time when finding a new hair dresser meant asking friends for referrals, checking out web sites and maybe even stopping by for a consultation. Now, with Instagram, hair salons are putting their stylists (and the gorgeous work they do) at your fingertips.


Pony Salon posts pics of fresh styles, including the stylist and / or colourist behind the locks. It’s the perfect way to research a new look or get a sense of how Christina, Kristy, Chris or the rest of the crew, might be able to help you transform your look. Scrolling through their feed, you’ll find short cuts, long tresses, beachy blondes and beatiful waves. It’s also an insider’s peek at the salon itself, with great shots of the space and the products they carry.


Over at Gastown newcommer, Brush Salon, the IG feed showcases new stylists and shares everything from events to unveils. Hair by Maxfield, Michael, Kimi and the growing list of in-house talent, are posted regularly, giving followers a taste of bold blues, celebrity bachelorettes and more.

Hair-Brush1       Hair-Brush2       Hair-Brush3

You’ll also find plenty of inspiration on the Aveda Institute account, including cuts, colours and some serious up-do’s. And for the men, there’s some bold beards and serious fades happening at the neighbourhood barbershops. There’s humour and headshots to be had on JD’s Barbershop feed and Fortknight makes sure to share plenty of reasons to drop by for a trim (whisky nights, great products and of course, Professor Louie Valentine).


Scroll through the Gastown Grooming Room pics and you’ll get to know Joe the Barber. Most shots catch him mid-cut, and likely mid-story (there’s a ton of Irish hospitality in this place).

So set aside those magazines and check out these Instagram accounts the next time you’re searching for a new style or stylist.