From Vancouver Fashion Week to VancityBuzz, Samantha is always putting pen to paper (ok fine, fingertips to keyboard) to share style secrets with her readers. This week, she’s diving head first into Gastown’s scene and tipping her toque to all things fall.

What brought you to Vancouver (and where did you live before)?

People always laugh when I tell them I was born in Jersey! But yes, I was born in New Jersey and grew up in a beautiful, tropical country called Malaysia. I came to live here about three and a half years ago for school. A huge part of me wanted to be somewhere new, different and exciting, so Vancouver it was!

What do think sets Gastown apart from the rest of the city?

The look and feel of it for sure! Ask anyone in Vancouver, you instantly feel different when you’re in Gastown. It has this European vibe. The bricks, lights, stores and everything about it sets it apart. It’s an indescribable feeling. 

Do you have any favourite spots for coffee, cocktails or couture?

I have a huge love for Caesars and one of the best Caesars I’ve had is in Gastown. Absolutely love Blarney Stone, Revolver, tried rabbit once at Chill Winston and Tacofino took my breath away. I literally inhaled my food. For couture, the place to be is Wardrobe Apparel if you want to stand out. 

When it comes to fashion blogging, where do you find inspiration for your posts?

To be honest, I’m constantly learning and I find that most of my inspiration comes from my fellow bloggers. I love how the fashion community is small here and you consistently see different ways of posing, taking pictures, and different styles. I love that it’s easy to be inspired by the people in the same industry.

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What are you most looking forward to now that the fall fashion season has arrived?

I LOVE just bundling up in a huge blanket scarf up to my head. I’m so excited to bring my boots and Fall coats out to play but most of all, the lip colour of the season is Marsala- it’s a deep dark shade of purply-red. SO FALL. 

Mondays or Fridays?

Haha! Oh man. Fridays, hands down. 

What does the future hold? Where would we find you in five years?

Have my own TV show. Have a Pug. Hot Husband. Bag of chips + salsa. House by the water.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

Well.. I can’t tell you everything 😉 Where’s the fun in that? 


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