Objects reveal much about the one who placed them. As they exist in situ, strong intention resonates forward. Things become an unspoken type of lexicon that expresses feeling, thought, and story.

Neighbour is now split into three parts of a significant whole: Neighbour Men, Neighbour Women, and 51 Powell. It is in the latter that these objects come alive. Uncluttered, the space breathes harmony and calm, with provisions that sing for home and workspace.

The following are our top 10 favourite pieces from the shop.


1930’s Lassi Cups


Sourced by Emily Bode, these engraved metal lassi cups date from 1930s Iran. Each one is unique in size, finish and engraving, which can include flowers and animals.


White Clay Hoop Keyring


These hoop key rings are made of natural white clay hand thrown and dug in England. Each piece is hand painted, marked with the Tender Co. name and then glazed clear or with coloured salts. Mounted to nickel plated stainless steel ring.


Deutsche Eiche – German Oak Tree Bath Oil


In a mighty oak tree that has been struck by lightning for hundreds of years, high symbolism meets the healing power of the tree. The bottle vividly shows an oak forest in mythical fog.
In the bath the tannic acid content of the leaves, wood chips, and fruits show off their anti-inflammatory powers. Made in Germany.



Emma Coffee Cup


A thermal cup crafted from borosilicate glass. Double walled construction ensures a cool surface when gripping, and an inherently unique way to sip your espresso. Designed by Corrado Dotti. 100% glass/Espresso size/6 x 7.5 cm.



Box of 50 Bronze Book Marks


Paper-thin metal line markers (also known as book marks) can be attached easily to any page assuring you can recall it easily even in a closed book or notebook. To use, place it at desired line, close book and press in. Made in France.CALEPINO

Leather Portfolio Plain Paper no.3


Calepino and Bleu de Chauffe created Portfolio, a handmade leather protector able to insert up to 4 pocket notebooks. The cover includes an elastic binding, so the notebooks become refills that you can change up to your needs. Its natural leather and the closure inspired by old french cardboard flap folders will protect your notebooks for many years. Each cover comes with a pack of 3 pocket notebooks. Made in France. Cover made from 100% leather; memobooks made from 100% recycled fibres.


Bamboo Screen


Bamboo screen with customized textiles from Bode. Originally conceived for the Bode show in June 2018, screens are a great way to subdivide a room or add colour. Made to order in New York City. Designed in 2018 Bamboo, rush cord, paint, hinge hardware, Bode textile. 54.5″ x 70″ x 3″. Textile will vary.


Face Mirror Red Lacquer


The pompeii red colour lacquer of the mirror was chosen to pay homage to traditional japanese lacquerware. Use this mirror hand held or hang it on a wall.Made in Los Angeles/Baltic birch plywood, lacquer paint finish/10″ length x 6″ diameter x 3/4″ thickness.


AL Sport Ballpen Raw Polish


There are only a few writing instruments which have been successful in the market for decades without significant changes. The Kaweco Classic Sport ballpen is one such item that remains unchanged since first designed in 1935. The pen sports Kaweco’s signature octagonal design that fits snugly into your hand and its heart-curve mechanism allows for low noise level when clicking to write. This special version features an aluminum body with high gloss finish. Made in Germany/Made from 100% Aluminum.


Horsehair Hand Broom and Metal Dustpan


“Have you bought a broom and dustpan recently? Can’t find anything not in plastic and that works properly? This set takes you back to the 40s but works better than the 2000s solutions. The broom is handmade by the Iris Group, a foundation founded in the late 1800s that employs the visually impaired. The dustpan is made by a small factory called Nyby in Gnosjö, a town known in Sweden for its entrepreneurial spirit. Made in Sweden/Broom made from horsehair and wood/Dustpan made from powder coated steel.