Today is the first day of Spring — happy Spring Equinox to our readers and Gastown-ers. To get you excited about the warm days to come to our cobblestone streets, check out Ora Bag’s beautiful new collection of super soft, constructed leather goods for gents and ladies, as created by Voleurz designer and Nouvelle Nouvelle assistant Randi Obenauer (remember when we interviewed her last year?).

The new collection launched last week at Nouvelle Nouvelle (where much of the collection will be carried this season). Look forward to equestrian-inspired designs, oversized fringes on mini purses, and repurposed horsebridles for handles. Keep yourself organized with ultra-thin wallets, made from beautiful tanned leather.  

See more of Ora Bag’s Spring 2013 collection here.

Ora Bags Spring 2013-2

Ora Bags Spring 2013-3

Ora Bags Spring 2013-4

Ora Bags Spring 2013-5

Ora Bags Spring 2013-6

Ora Bags Spring 2013-15