Father’s Day is this Sunday June 17.

It doesn’t have to look a certain way, nor does it need to be something over the top. Perhaps most Dads say: “Don’t worry about me” and cast off the day as just another Sunday. What Father’s Day can be, is an opportunity to spend some time with Dad, just hanging out and doing guy things together.

It’s ok if he hates shopping. We have that covered in Gastown. There’s plenty to do without setting foot inside a store. And if he loves it, then we have it all, and some of the best menswear around.

If you two just want to grab a beer and talk about old times, be our guest and enjoy happy hour and a fine selection of craft beers.

There’s even a leather crafting and embossing workshop at Filson with coffee & donuts.

You see, Gastown is whatever you want it to be and on this Father’s Day, give him the gift of time together, well spent in the neighbourhood of possibilities.

Dad ‘s Shopping.

Maybe he’s not your diehard shopaholic but he loves looking for the latest fishing stuff or getting a new shirt or tie. Army & Navy has a fantastic selection of fishing gear including rods, traps, lures, hooks, sinkers, reels, gut, knives, outerwear, and lots more. The fishing emporium is in the basement and it’s fun to check out the latest gear. Maybe this is a chance to plan an upcoming trip together for the summer.

A few nice fresh shirts will look great on Dad and you could throw in a new tie into the mix. Motherland has their own in-house line, National Standards. The brand produces well-made, simple shirts that can be worn for years. Nifty Do, Neighbour, Roden Gray, Secret Location and Wallace Hamilton all carry high end European, Asian and North American made shirts and most carry neckties.

Filson sells outdoor and adventure inspired wear with whole lines dedicated to hunting and fishing outerwear and accessories. Sign up for the workshop and get your gift shopping done after – a true one-stop shop.

Here’s the info about Saturday’s workshop:

2:00 – 6:00 PM

Bring the family to Filson on Father’s Day Weekend to create your own bridle leather keychain at our leather and embossing workshop. We’ll guide you through the process of staining, riveting and embossing leather and you’ll go home with a new key fob and some new skills. Supplies are limited, so come early.
Coffee & donuts provided.
RSVP here

Beer O’Clock

Beer Me. Gastown has some of the best craft beer in the city and over 25 places to enjoy Happy Hour. The weekend weather is going to be plenty sunny and the patios will be where the good times are. Local has one of the biggest and the best in Gastown.

Just across the Square at Six Acres, a much smaller but more intimate patio sits at the foot of Old Gassy Jack. The Flying Pig has a great street side patio with plenty of people watching opportunities. The Lamplighter has easily over 30 draught beers, ciders and other varieties on tap and has the largest selection of craft beer in the neighbourhood.

Steamworks brews their own beer on site using 100-year-old steam driven pipes to create that perfect draught. If he’s craving a perfect pint of Guinness, The Irish Heather can justifiably claim the rare honour of pouring a pristine pint of the black stuff.

Click here for restaurants and pubs that offer Happy Hour in Gastown.

Game on! May the best Dad win!

Sunday is a chance to go back to a time when every house on the block had one of these, and we’re not talking about a rickety trampoline but an awesome Basement Games Room!

That’s right! In Gastown, there’s a fun filled emporium known as The Back And Forth Bar. The place is comfortably decorated with couches and palm trees and there are a number of video game consoles hooked up to TV’s along with a bunch of Ping-Pong tables.

The Lamplighter Pub is home to around 9 fantastic pinball tables including Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Grab a few drinks and appies and hit the tables with Dad. Keep score and have a mini tournament. The Metropole Pub is another pinball hotspot with a collection of around 7 tables.


If your Dad feels more at home with a burger and fries than a fancy 4 course dinner, Gastown has some awesome casual places to dine at that don’t compromise on quality or service.

Peckinpah is the neighbourhoods BBQ joint serving Southern styled pulled pork, ribs, beef brisket, fried chicken, fried pickles and corn bread.

If he’s a vegetarian or looking for something a little lighter, take him to Meet. This is all veggie comfort food at it finest with Chilli Cheez Fries, Nacho fries or loaded poutine, burgers that include the crispy BBQ Burger and The Double Double AKA DOUBLE BACON-DOUBLE CHEEZ and desserts that include a Cookies & Crème dish and Meet’s signature Cronut (a deep fried croissant donut filled with crème and other goodness). There’s a Vera’s Burger Shack in Maple Tree Square with over 20 different burger combos to choose from including hotdogs.

And for one of the best places in Gastown to get nachos? Head to Tacofino. Served up with feta and crunchy fried tortilla chips, this is an awesome sharezies platter and the tacos are all really good too.No – I’m stuffed. Ok – you twisted my rubber arm.

There might still be room for dessert. It’s often fun to have dinner in one place and then head to a change in scenery to satisfy your sweet tooth. Soft Peaks on Alexander Street is highly recommended, specializing in ice cream made from locally sourced organic milk with local premium toppings like a fresh piece of Okanagan and Fraser Valley honeycomb.Much more than a coffee shop, Smart Mouth Café is known by locals as a place to get delicious house made desserts, pastries and baked goods.

Trees Organic specializes in cheesecake with 8 different varieties and a monthly feature flavor (for June it’s Coconut Dream).

However you create the day, give Dad the gift of Gastown this year on Father’s Day.