Well it was inevitable. The summer came, then bowed to September, and soon, to autumn. The good times did roll and the nights seemed to never end. There’s still time though. Time for one last waltz with the summer wind through Gastown.

Ice cream, you scream?

For true ice cream lovers, weather is irrelevant: when they want it, they get it. Then there are those of us who, when conjuring up summer memories, see ourselves strolling down the street, savoring a good waffle cone filled with frozen, creamy deliciousness.

Serving ice cream made from locally sourced organic milk, Soft Peaks is a sweet summer dream nestled in a sugar cone. Everything says quality and local – from the toppings to the cones and even the napkins. Options are creative and unique with 12 different soft serve topping combos and 3 blends of ice cream – Organic Milk/ Dark Chocolate/ Twist. Recommended for summer (and only available seasonally): Snowberry – Organic strawberry and organic strawberry agave syrup with cereal.

If you blink, you’ll miss it. Twisted Ice Cream is a teeny tiny little hole in the wall on Water Street serving twisted soft serve flavoured ice cream with drizzles (including Coconut, Blue Goo, Butterscotch, Blue Hawaii Coconut, Tropical Orange, Piña Colada) and toppings (including Pink Peppercorn, Coffee Beans, Oreo Crumble
Balsamic Reduction, Maple, Blood Orange, Blueberry syrup). 
This fun flavoured pop-up is only open for the summer, so get there while you can! Located at Unit 100 – 73 Water Street (Across the street from Lamplighter Pub).

Al Fresco Forever! We wish.

Eating outside is one of the great joys of summer. Gastown’s patios are street side sanctuaries, cradled in historic surroundings with the life of the neighbourhood meandering gently by.

We often experience some lovely sunny and crisp days in September and October, and there may be a few more chances to sit out and savour the moment.  But don’t expect it. Now’s the time to snag a table al fresco at our many fine restaurants and soak up the last of that summer magic. Check out our list of Where to find Happy Hour In Gastown with many restaurants and bars serving on the patio.

I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like.

If there was ever a heyday of cycling in this city, it is now. Never has it been easier to get around the city, coexisting with traffic and other pedestrians. Gastown is a thoroughly interesting and fun neighbourhood to bike around in with its many twists and turns, side streets, laneways and cobblestone passes. Grab your wheels and spend an afternoon biking around to the shops, cafes and restaurants.

Where there’s an end, there’s a beginning. And, an opportunity!

For shoppers, here’s a handy reminder: you can get some amazing end of season deals in Gastown right now. There are many stores offering big discounts on Spring/Summer collections. Deal lovers are gonna love the variety of accessories, hats, shoes, bottoms, tops, jackets and t-shirts that can be had for a steal.

When good fortune befalls you.

Post Labour Day can be somewhat of a weird holding pattern type deal. Summer feels like it’s done and now is the time for going back to school, back to work, getting focused, and settling down. Looking for guidance for the coming months? Direction for the New Year to come? The Good Spirit offers tarot readings guided by intuitive spiritualists, trained in the art of prognostication. Located on Cambie Street, this metaphysical boutique is open, airy and full of white light. Take a seat by the window, allowing the warmth of the sun to open you up to the voice from within. Sessions are metered out into 10,20, and 30 minutes. Book online here.

Ice, ice coffee.

Coffee is arguably one of those things that can be equally enjoyed hot or cold. Soon, it will be a lot harder to find the icy variety, but perhaps not so, the weather.

While there’s still sun shinning and a bench sitting out front, hit any of our wonderful Gastown cafés and enjoy an icy cup of Joe or a full bodied cold brew. Check out a list of cafés here.